Intl Trade Broker

Whether you want to create your own product brand through a private labeled OEM (original equipment manufacturer), or ODM (original design manufacturer), or maybe just looking to purchase wholesale from a foreign distributor, we can help!

Due to our previously established working relations with many Manufacturers across the globe, we can save you time, unwanted frustration, and money.

We know the in's and out's when it comes to product development and international trade.

Our Team will:

  • Talent Scout Foreign Manufacturers (many of which we have already done business with).
  • Gather Custom Quotes for you.
  • Negotiate Best Price for you.
  • Test the Market Competition for you.
  • Provide Samples for you to test
  • Foresee Int'l Shipping and Port Customs Clearance
  • Support you with your needs along the way.

When you let us assist you with your international trade ventures, we minimize any risk associated with each of these business intricacies from start to finish.  Depending on the way we set it up, we can even alleviate the risk to you altogether.  In many cases, your payment is safely held in an escrow account for up to 15 days after delivery to ensure it meets all of your requested specifications.

We have plenty of experience with foreign trade in the areas of  Home Furnishings, Gifts, Electronics, and the Medical Supplies Industry.  We're, however, open to expanding our industry reach and enjoy taking on new market ventures.

Some items we can have privately labeled and in your hands, within a matter of weeks, once you/we choose the factory to work with.  It can, however, take us months of extensive research and communication to find the right factories and suppliers to meet our customer's needs.
This burden falls solely on our team and there is never any additional cost to our Customers for our research.  There may, however, be a cost for samples to test but that will be the case with, or without, our help.
We research, communicate, and negotiate with the factories for you, saving you a considerable amount of time and money.
What's in it for us?  We make a small percentage off the dollar amount of each order that we helped find, negotiate, and set up for our Customers.  We can then help you with your branding, e-commerce site development, and online advertising which we also specialize in.
So, there you have it.  Do you have an idea, vision, or new product that you would like to present to the world?  We can easily help you make it happen and support you along the way!