FOMOstream® Business Opportunity

Profitable Turn-Key Business Opportunity

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Our team recently launched 2 new FOMOstream® Android TV Box models. This is great timing to get in on the action as a reseller!

We’re looking for a couple of experienced entrepreneurs who want to make it BIG with our FOMOstream® team.

Our team has been supporting the Android TV Box industry with special Kodi setups, full time, since 2014. We’ll help support you along the way and teach you what works for us and our other resellers.

Our only requirements are:

  • Don’t list FOMOstream® products online below our MAP price…
  • Do not misrepresent our product in any way.
  • Don’t tell your customers that they can call FOMOstream® for free support. (They will either need to pay you for support or pay us for support if they want help beyond our online education hub.)

Other than that, you will have the freedom to run your new (turn key) business as you choose and sell these box setups however you want. We’re happy to support you along the way.


The boxes really sell themselves. It’s all in the demo.

This is how it works

  1. Learn the product for a week or two so that you can give a good demo (you will need to purchase at least 1 FOMOstream® box to do this).
  2. Order at least 5 FOMOstream® boxes at wholesale pricing (if you haven’t already).
  3. Set up an appointment to show a demo to a qualified prospect. (qualified means, they have the interest to see it and they have the money).
  4. Give a Demo / Answer Questions
  5. Collect the Money (because they will almost certainly buy)
  6. Charge extra for support if you decide to offer support
  7. Repeat Steps 2 – 6, 7 to 10 times until you get about 7-10 sales
  8. After your first 7 to 10 sales, if you’re like most of us, your phone will start ringing non-stop with referrals and repeat buyers.

We have a few models to chose from.

Here’s a price breakdown of the profit you’ll make on our favorite new model, the FOMOstream® Fs2 Hexa-Core: (Retail Cost $499 Fully Loaded & Managed w/ 1-Year Warranty + Free Updates for the life of the unit)

Here is a price breakdown of the profit you’ll make with the economy model, the FOMOstream® FsL Quad-Core: (Retail Cost $299 Fully Loaded and Managed w/ 1-Year Warranty + Free Updates for the life of the unit)

There are higher profit gains to be made with the FsL Quad-Core. This is because we only recommend that model to customers who plan to connect it with ethernet only, (not Wifi). Therefore the FsL is limited to those who can connect via ethernet cord and the Fs2 can be used via ethernet or Wifi.

Many of our resellers charge an extra $70 per household for phone support. They often sell 5 boxes per day or more, consistently. The red box in the image above shows how much you will make if you charge $70 for support on each unit. You can then do what we do and charge your customers $50 to renew the support at the end of each year if they chose to.

You don’t have to offer support, but if you do, we’ll help you along the way. Anytime you have a question, just call us and we will be happy to help.

For more details, contact

PS.) If you acquire 1,000 units from us at once in bulk order, we can help you OEM/ODM your own brand, UI, firmware, packaging, and Kodi Repo if you prefer. That’s what we do. We create awesome products and brands!

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